Michaelmas Musings: Week 4/5

The past two weeks have been CRAZY busy for me so I didn’t get a chance to write a post last week. However, that means that you lucky people get to read about two week’s of fun stuff in this post instead – enjoy!


As always, Monday’s are crazy busy for me – I have four hours worth of lectures, which is a fairly heavy load for a humanities/social science student! However, this includes three hours of my option paper for this term, which is about human osteology and one that I am finding really interesting.

Sustenance in between lectures for #MammothMondays

In the evening, I went for coffee with our college’s female Welfare Officer, Louise. We were planning a Women’s Self-Care event for next week, the 5th week of term. In Oxford, 5th week is typically associated with 5th week blues. This is when people tend to start to feel a bit down, as people are exhausted from the first four very intense weeks of term and although they’re now halfway through term feel daunted by the prospect of another four weeks. It’s really important that students make sure to look after themselves and take some time so that they don’t feel burnt out for the second half of term!


For once, I had an almost free day which was SO NICE. Days like this in Oxford are so rare, that when they do come along you want to make the most of them! Unfortunately, this time it was too good to be true as I ended up having to deal with some unexpected problems that came up as part of my role as Women’s Officer. However  the free time was nice while it lasted!


Today was really busy, as it was the launch of the college Women’s Network. As Women’s Officer, I was responsible for arranging the launch event. It went really well and it was great to be able to host some really inspiring alumnae!



I was lucky again today as I had no lectures or major commitments! That meant I had a good chunk of time to work on my essay which was due the next day. As such, I spent most of the day in the library reading, so unfortunately not much  else to say.


I had one lecture today in the morning, before with I went for coffee and cake at Society Cafe with my friend Imy. In the afternoon I went to the Ashmolean Museum’s new exhibition with my friend Olivia. It’s called ‘Imagining the Divine‘, and is all about how belief systems and religions developed across the world. I thought they had some truly extraordinary displays, but was disappointed that they didn’t create links between the world religions a bit more. It kind of felt like several mini exhibitions in one!

In the evening, I went to the Oxford Union Ball with my girlfriends. I had been to one before in First Year and thought it had been overrated, but I am glad to say that this one did not disappoint! It was really fun night and I’m so glad I had the opportunity to go with such a great group of girls.


I was coxing an outing with the men’s novices this morning, which was a little rough after going to bed so late the night before/early that morning. However, pleased to say that I made it through and it was a really good outing. In the afternoon, I went to the Sackler library to finish off my essay, before having an early night as I was EXHAUSTED from the night before. I got over ten hours sleep and felt WAY better for it.


I got up late and had a really chilled out day. I bought myself a bagel from G&Ds for breakfast and spent the morning preparing for the week ahead. In the afternoon I went for a walk in University Parks with my friend Courtney just before dusk. With all the autumnal colours and it was so pretty!


Another Monday, another busy day! This time I had five hours of lectures. Pleased to say I made it through though. Think this was partly due to a really nice lunch in between classes with some friends – we went to Viny’s Cafe, in North Parade Avenue. It’s actually one of two of the chain in the same road, that’s how popular it is! They also have other locations in Oxford. It’s just kind of you run-off the mill sandwich shop/cafe but they food is fresh and very tasty. It’s a shame that there is limited seating, but it has a very lively atmosphere and is always packed with people queuing out the door.

In the evening, me and the girls went to the new Westgate centre to get drinks at The Alchemist. Most of us had never been before, and thought it was such a fun experience! I had a dark and smokey, which in all honesty was a little too strong for me!  Drinks are pricey though so I definitely got my money’s worth on the alcohol to cost ratio.



On Tuesday, I went to my first Spanish class of the year at the University Language Centre. I used to go last term quite regularly, but unfortunately there was a mix up with my application this time around so it took them a while to find me a spot. I am pleased to say though that I wasn’t too far behind, and it was a welcome change to learn about something non-degree related for once.

The afternoon was a bit of a rush for me, as I realised that an essay I thought was due tomorrow at 5pm, was actually due TODAY at 5pm. Let’s just say it was a bit manic. Somehow though, I did manage to get it all done and submitted before I went to bed.



I had a pretty open day today, and a lot of reading for my next essay to do. I went to the Boolean/Radcliffe Camera to find the books I needed as most of them were confined. I am embarrassed to say that it was the first time that I have been to the Rad Cam in my three years at Oxford. I was blown away by the beautiful architecture and peaceful atmosphere, and definitely will be back!

Sorry for the odd photo, photography is strictly banned so I had to take this discreetly!


I had an outing this morning, which again was very impressive and the boys made good progress. My tutorial that had been scheduled for the morning was moved to the afternoon, so I used the time to do some more reading. It was my only my second traditional ‘Oxford-style’ tutorial of the term, as the tutorials for my option paper have been replaced by practical classes. I think I’m a little out of practice as I found it quite tough!

In the evening, myself and Louise ran our Women’s Self-Care Event. We gave out face masks and watched the film ‘Hidden Figures’. I think it is absolutely fantastic, with strong female role models and a great storyline – definitely watch it if you get the chance!


Very early this morning I was in Abingdon, coxing an outing for the senior men. It is my second time being out there this term, which is strange, as at one point when I was rowing I was out there nearly every day. It is a very beautiful, calm stretch of river (well, at least until the rowers show up!) and it (almost) made me miss rowing there regularly. Then I remembered the freezing cold mornings scraping ice off the boat, trying not to slip on the icy raft and being ridiculously tired from all the early starts and knew that retiring was the right decision!

I had a lecture in the morning, and then in the afternoon I went to the Radcliffe Science Library. Again this a library that I have only really started working in this term, but I really like it there. It is very picturesque and studious.

In the evening, I went to a dinner at St Anne’s College. It had been organised by my former senior school for all alumni and staff who had either attended Oxford or Cambridge. It was lovely to see so many familiar faces and catch up with some of my former teachers!


Another morning, another outing. Afterwards, I spent most of the afternoon in the Sackler Library working on my essay. Anyone close to me will know that I detest this library with a passion, reverently exclaiming that it is built in the style of multi-storey car park (sounds weird I know, but just go and you will understand). However, due to a lot of my books being confined there this term, I have found myself spending more and more time there and slowly finding I like it. Not sure if it’s Stockholm Syndrome or what, but the Sackler is definitely growing on me.


Another relaxed Sunday morning. They’re pretty much the day where I consistently don’t have things scheduled, so I’m trying to make the most of it and ensure I use it to destress from the previous week and get on top of things for the next. I brought myself a bagel for breakfast again, though it took a bit longer than I anticipated as I got caught in the Rememberance Day parade which was happening right outside college. I did enjoy the impromptu bit of ceremony and patriotism however.

In the afternoon, my parents came up to visit. It was lovely to see them as I haven’t seen my mum in a month and my dad since I moved back to Oxford. I took them to formal, which was a really fun experience as I don’t go that often and they have only been once before. All in all, a really nice way to end off the week!

That’s it for now – congratulations if you made it this far! I promise I will try to get this week’s post up on time next Sunday so you don’t have a super lengthy post to read…





Michaelmas Musings: Week 1

College gardens in the autumn

This posts contains a lot of thoughts about places in Oxford. These are my own opinions and I am not sponsored by the companies I mention in any way! If you would like more detailed reviews about the places below (or indeed anywhere else in Oxford for that matter!) then please let me know as I would love to write someting other than my weekly posts. 


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So lovely to be back in college!

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